Norman is the 17th Fair Trade Town in the US!

Congratulations to OU Math Department postdoc Ajit Bhand and all the others who worked hard the last several years to get Norman certified as a Fair Trade Town.  It takes serious work and requires that the town be certified in various areas, including having enough Fair Trade shopping options within the city.

Here is a Google map of some of the many Fair Trade options Norman offers:

Go to Norman Fair Trade’s website for more information.

Norman is the first such town in Oklahoma, and only the 17th in the entire country.  We join an illustrious list:

  • Media, Pennsylvania – June 2006
  • Brattleboro, Vermont – June 2007
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – October 2007
  • Amherst, Massachusetts – November 2007
  • Taos, New Mexico – March 2008
  • Northampton, Massachusetts – April 2008
  • San Francisco, California – May 2008
  • Montclair, New Jersey — October 2008
  • Ballston Spa, New York — January 2009
  • Chico, California — February 2009
  • Bluffton, Ohio — May 2009
  • Burlington, VT– August 2009
  • Highland Park, NJ — September 2009
  • Buena Vista, CO — March 2010
  • Red Bank, NJ — April 2010
  • Madison, WI — May 2010
  • Norman, OK — May 2010

To read more, check out this article.


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