Careers with the CIA

As you might recall, last spring Special Agent Rains stopped by to talk with the Math Club about career opportunities with the FBI.  We learned that there is lots of different career and internship opportunities.  In addition to agents the FBI hires everyone from computer people to woodworkers!

In something of sequel, we have the good fortune that Adrienne Jablonski was able to arrange a visit by recruiters from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  They are interested in hiring everything from Foreign Media Analysts , to Geographer, to Computer Forensics Engineer, to, of course, Clandestine Service Agent.  They also have lots of opportunities for students.  To see the full list click here.  Heck, if you’re feeling crafty, you could apply to the Undergraduate Co-Op Program – Cosmetic/Art/Theatre/Makeup/Costuming!

In any case, there is a lot of great job opportunities for people with all sorts of interests, so stop by to check it out!  And, as always, Free Pizza!

The CIA representatives will be here for a joint Math Club/Graduate Student Seminar

this Wednesday, March 3rd, at 5pm in PHSC 1105.

They will talk about career and internship opportunities.  They’ll also be available for questions if you’d like to ask them about what its like to work for the CIA, or about UFOs: Fact or Fiction?, or about their sponsorship of World Accordion Day.

P.S.  If you want to see a whole lot of people with a whole lot of time on their hands and a whole lot of imagination, then google CIA and conspiracy.  Apparently the latest thing is a supposed link between the CIA and Facebook!

Oh, you meant the other CIA


4 thoughts on “Careers with the CIA

  1. The concerns about the CIA are not “conspiracy theories,” but rather serious issued about human rights.

    The mainstream press has extensively reported on the CIA’s use of torture in recent years. And in the past the CIA was involved in political assasinations and even the arrest of Nelson Mandela by South African authorities (just read the wikipedia article on Nelson Mandela that provides discussion of this).

    There is an ongoing campaign against the role of the CIA on the OU campus. You can find more info about it at:

    • James,

      Thanks for the comment. To clarify, the reference to “conspiracy theories” was meant to be a light-hearted reference to various theories connecting the CIA to UFO’s, Facebook, etc. It was in no way referring to or making light of well-founded allegations of inappropriate actions both past and present by people in the employ of the CIA and other governmental organizations.

      One of the goals of the OU Math Club is to provide an opportunity for interested individuals to learn about various career opportunities for people with a math background. In the past this has included higher education, banking, engineering, the Peace Corps, and the FBI. The Math Club neither endorses nor condemns these organizations and leaves it to individuals to pursue those opportunities which they find interesting.

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