Gettin’ a job!

Even if you aren’t graduating this year, you’ve probably been thinking about what you’d like to do when you graduate.  And if you are graduating this year, then you’ve probably been thinking about this a lot.  Most people who graduate with math and science degrees don’t end up becoming a teacher or a professor.  So what do they do?  How did they find their job?  What did they do to get that job?  What is a resume supposed to look like?  What happens at the University career fairs (like this one on Feb. 10th)?  Do people wear suits at interviews?   If you have questions about finding a post-OU career, then you’re in luck!  This

Wednesday, February 3rd at 5 pm in PHSC 1105

Adrienne Jablonski, Director of Student Career and Leadership Development for the College of Arts and Sciences, will be talking about the ins and outs of finding a career.  Among other things, she’ll be talking about:

  • Why should Math students consider a career in industry?
  • How to prepare for a Career Fair.
  • What should a non-academic resume look like?

This event is for everyone! (undergrad and grad, math and non-math, seniors and non-seniors, …)  Bring friends and get your career search questions answered.

As always, Free Pizza!

The flyer is here.

Or you could file some TPS Reports:


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  1. I propose a meeting specifically focused on board game strategy (ie go, checkers, chess…) with a possible tournament to follow.

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