Career Advice, part II

Speaking of Adrienne, she just let us know that there is an upcoming career fair at OU and let us know that Raytheon has specifically asked for math majors.  You should definitely go, even if you’re not planning to graduate this spring.  It’s well worth making networking contacts with potential employers.

OU Career Services will be hosting a big career fair on Wednesday, February 10 from 12:30-4:30pm in the OMU Ballroom. If there are students who are looking for industry jobs or internships, I highly recommend that they attend this career fair! For details, see:

A recruiter from Raytheon contacted me about our Math students and asked me to pass on a message. Raytheon will be in attendance and they are interested in hiring students with skills in Mathematics. Keep in mind, however, that they hire U.S. citizens only.

If you have students who plan on attending the career fair, it is important that they are prepared to attend a career fair and are dressed professionally (i.e., suit, etc). I am available to meet with students to help them prepare for the career fair. They can make an appointment with me through iAdvise:

If you have any questions, please let me know.




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