Career Advice

Adrienne Jablonski, our friend in the Dean’s office, has asked us to remind you that it’s never too early to be thinking about your career options.  Even if this isn’t your last year at the University, it is well worth thinking about life after OU.   Meeting potential employers, having an up-to-date resume, practicing your interview skills, etc. are all excellent things to do.  And that goes double when the jab market is in the tank!

As Adrienne says:

Please encourage your students to get involved in planning their futures, as there are many opportunities for them through the College of Arts and Sciences. I am available to meet with students for career planning by appointment through iAdvise:

— Adrienne Jablonski

Director, Student Career and Leadership Development

University of Oklahoma

College of Arts and Sciences

Ellison Hall, Room 234

633 Elm Ave

Norman, OK 73071-3118

(405) 325-9122