Martin Gardner in the News

Now it just may be a coincidence, but not long after we post about Martin Gardner and his book signing, this week’s OKC Gazette has an article about him as well!  You can see it here. Besides being a very interesting article, there are quotes by the OU Math Department’s own Marilyn Breen and Boris Apanasov.

If nothing else, you should impress your family over the break by folding a hexaflexagon and showing it them:

You can find instructions on how to fold you own hexaflexagon here.


3 thoughts on “Martin Gardner in the News

  1. My friend has origami paper in his room. I think I know what he’ll be making next…. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. I am glad I read the Gazette article because it turns out I have a book with Martin Gardner as the editor. It’s kind of funny that the article mentions how his books were well received in Russia, and the book I have is The Moscow Puzzles by Boris Kordemsky. The book gets really tough as the problems progress even though the mathematics involved is not any more sophisticated than high school algebra or geometry. It goes to show that even areas of math that we consider easy, high school algebra and geometry, can produce very difficult problems.

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