Hawaiian Supercomputers

Henry Neeman, the director of the OU supercomputer facility, has passed along the following great opportunity for those of you with a background in engineering:

Please see the announcement below for an exciting opportunity
for undergraduate engineering students.

Please reply directly to Susan Brown (stbrown@hawaii.edu).


>———- Forwarded message ———-
>Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 14:12:47 -0800
>From: Susan T Brown <stbrown@hawaii.edu>
>To: cascmem@casc.org
>Subject: [Cascmem] HARP – HPC Applications in engineering REU Program,
>    fluid dynamics
>We are looking for undergraduate engineering students with an
>interest in CFD that would like to spend the summer in Hawai’i,
>learning to model cutting edge problems with Fluent on High
>Performance Computing Clusters.  Apply at
>now for this competitive program — generous stipend, lodging,
>and travel provided.  Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
>You can duplicate the trifold at that website freely.
>Susan Brown, Ph.D.
>Adjunct Professor, College of Engineering
>University of Hawai‘i, M�noa
>Email: stbrown@hawaii.edu
>Ph: 808-375-6821
>Fax: 808-236-7116

You should probably skip the three hour tour, though.

You might want to skip the three hour tour.