Mo Zeros Mo Problems

The new problem of the month has been up for about a week now.   If you’re not getting the little handouts, here is an online copy.  Stay tuned for the solution to September!  –the Problem of the Month


7 thoughts on “Mo Zeros Mo Problems

  1. I have a huge question about this.
    On the sheet it says that the Board of Trustees has agreed to shell out $(…a3a2a1) x (…b3b2b1) to every student who submits a correct answer.
    Regardless of how many digits are indicated by the ellipses that’s easily over $1000 per correct answers (if only the 3 digits shown are used). Are you serious about them giving out that much money?
    (if you are I have a feeling that this problem was selected due to a degree of insolubility)

  2. Is it really over $1000, Nick? What is the exact amount? (Be careful: the usual rules for inequalities don’t hold up in this corner of mathematics. The problem is meant to be about as hard as the other ones.) Rest assured, the Trustees will give you every cent if you are an OU student with a correct answer. Pedro, be sure to turn in your solution to the main office, and I will get back to you.

  3. Pedro, feel free to mail it to:

    Problem of the Month
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Oklahoma
    Norman, OK 73019-0315

    I’ll e-mail you back about your solution (eventually…) and if you get it right you’ll get the same amount of cash as everyone else…

  4. You mean, he will get $0… haha, nice… However since the two things multiplied aren’t real numbers I have to ask: do you multiply “power series style” or what?

    • Aerthes, I would be giving away too much if I told you what kind of numbers these are. Come back in a while when I post the solution…

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