And Now for Something Completely Different

This week the Independent Film Channel on cable is having a week long documentary about Monty Python.  They are also showing various Monty Python films and TV shows.  If you want to see the whole thing, it’s supposed to be available on itunes and netflix after this week.  Here’s one clip from the documentary:

And if you haven’t watched Monty Python, then it’s time to change that!  Any self respecting person with a sense of humor should be familiar with Monty Python.  You can begin by visiting the Monty Python channel on YouTube.  At the least, check out these samples:

If you’d like lessons in arguing in your proofs:

Or are looking for government grants to support your studies:

Or have ever wondered why the windows don’t open in PHSC:


3 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different

  1. I love Monty Python- the Holy Grail is one of my favorite movies. I’m very glad that the Independent Film Channel decided to dedicate a week to them.
    And of course their advice is so practical!

  2. It has been said that much of our modern sketch comedy owes a huge debt to Monty Python. I still feel that my favorite sketch is the Parrot sketch. Especially in that it deals with the issue of consumers making uninformed decisions and expecting restitution for the consequences. What is your favorite sketch?

  3. I’ve been familiar with Monty Python since I was in grade school and I think that much of our current entertainment owes a great deal to the series. I think this is a fun and interesting way to show appreciation for a show that has made many of us smile. 🙂

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