Ruediger’s Rutabagas

A Rutabaga Jackolantern

A Rutabaga Jackolantern

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a Problem of the Month up for October.  The theme is Ruediger’s (as in Dr. Ruediger Landes) Rutabagas (as in, well, rutabagas).  Even if you don’t come up with the general formula, you should definitely turn in whatever progress you make.  The POM Potentate is wise and merciful (and generous with partial credit).

If nothing else, you should stop to reflect on the glory which is

The Rutabaga Song

It’s sung in celebration of the Annual Rutabaga Curling World Championship.  Or you could be glad that Ruediger isn’t a beatnik:



3 thoughts on “Ruediger’s Rutabagas

  1. Is it me or is a rutabaga jackolantern scarier than a pumpkin one? Maybe it’s because it looks like it just had a lobotomy.

    Wikipedia says rutabagas were used for jackolanterns before pumpkins in the UK and Ireland, and that the jackolantern was the ‘ancient symbol of a damned soul’.

  2. Great. Now this song will be stuck in my head all day. I wish I could watch the rutabaga curling championship. When will ESPN wise up and start showing good sports?

  3. What a ridiculous book cover. Is this somehow connected to the problem of the month? Perhaps an aspiring student should study it carefully for cleverly laid hints…

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