Talk by Dr. Nikola Petrov

Oops, I guess I dropped a minus sign!

Oops, I guess I dropped a minus sign!

This Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 5pm in PHSC 1105 Dr. Nikola Petrov, a professor in the math department at OU, will be giving a talk entitled:

“Physics and Math for lazy people: From the non-existence of Godzilla to the energy of a nuclear explosion

He’ll be talking about how a little common sense goes a long way when solving problems in the real world.  It’s bound to be a great talk!

And, as always, we’ll be eating Free Pizza!

If you’d like the flyer for this talk, you can find it here.

At least King Kong still exists, right?

At least King Kong still exists, right?


8 thoughts on “Talk by Dr. Nikola Petrov

  1. Godzilla is real! I saw him on television over the summer, hmm oddly enough they only aired him for around one and a half hours…not very significant for all of the destruction he caused (Know the name of the city and get bonus points!).

    Sounds fun and interesting (and tasty, who can turn down free pizza), but sadly I do not think I’ll be able to attend…

  2. Everyone knows Godzilla is not real. On the other hand, Megalon, Mothra, and Batra are as real as you and me.

  3. If Godzilla isn’t real then there isn’t going to be someone to save tokyo from all the giant monsters unless Dexter and family with Monkey have repaired the giant mecha.

  4. I do enjoy the idea of easy math and physics…

    And as for the last comment, Tokyo is beautiful, so we need to get Dexter and family out there to save the city. 😉

  5. Sounds really interesting! I might have to sneak in a few minutes late, depending on when my makeup chem lab gets scheduled to, but I should be able to come.

  6. Excellent, this looks very interesting. But I must complain about the title; will anyone who is truly lazy walk all the way to the top of the Physical Science Center after business hours on a Wednesday Afternoon to hear a talk about Physics? I don’t think so.

    And of course Godzilla exists. Why else do you think we let japan have a “self defense” force if its job was not to get in the way of really big monsters.

    Last, is i really true that 1/3 of all blog commentators commentate whille they are asleep? Because judging by the post times this must be true.

  7. This looks very interesting! It looks particularly interesting from an engineering standpoint as we are mathematically lazy yet very interested in solving real world problems. Can those two things even go together?

    I feel the key is in the common sense. My struggle in research, it seems, is always one of finding common sense within the theory. Perhaps this talk would assist in that search.

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