The Problem of the Month

Square Root clockIt’s time for a new season of the Problem of the Month (POM).  As you know, each month during the semester a Math Problem is posted in the display case on the second floor opposite of the elevators in PHSC.  The problems are designed to be more challenging and interesting then your everyday homework problems.  But they also are designed to have plenty of opportunity for partial credit, so all attempts at solutions are welcome to be submitted!

The short version of the rules is that the solution must be turned into the math office by 5 pm on the last day of the month and that any OU undergraduate is eligible to win a prize.  The full rules are posted along with the problem in the second floor display case.  You can also download the September POM here.

On a related note, the belated solution to the March POM “Minsu’s Mincemeat” is now available here.