Organizational Meeting

The first meeting of the OU Math Club will be this

Wednesday, September 2nd at 5pm in PHSC 1105.

This will be an organizational meeting.  We’ll hang out, make a big list of things we’d like to do this year, learn and play the game SET, and eat some pizza (of course!).  OU Math T-Shirts will also be available.

What’s SET you say?  To get the full story, you’ll just have to come to the math club meeting.  But the short answer is that it’s a fun, easy to learn, card game.  And, fortunately, it does not require a knowledge of set theory.

Thank goodness it's not called CLASS!

Thank goodness it's not called CLASS!

All are welcome!  If you’d like to help us advertise, the flyer is here.  Feel free to print it off and let people know


5 thoughts on “Organizational Meeting

  1. I wonder if the next meeting will be as populous? Are all the first meetings like that?

  2. For future meetings I think it would be kinda cool if we could get OU math grads to come speak about career paths they’ve taken, advice, etc… Also, I purchased SET after this meeting haha

    • Athena,

      That’s an excellent idea! If anyone knows of OU math grads who would be interested in talking about their jobs, let Dr. Kornelson, Dr. Cross, or Dr. Kujawa know and they’ll put something together.

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