Math Internship for This Semester


Adrienne Jablonski, Director of Student Career and Leadership Development for the College of Arts and Sciences, has let us know of a fantastic opportunity.   It is an internship in Norman (actually on Campus Corner!) for someone with some knowledge of stats and algorithms.  The company is Online Medsource.

This internship is for this semester!

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Adrienne directly.  Her contact information is:

Adrienne H. Jablonski

Director, Student Career and Leadership Development

University of Oklahoma

College of Arts and Sciences

Ellison Hall, Room 339

633 Elm Ave

Norman, OK 73071-3118

(405) 325-9122

For more details on the internship see below:

1. Company name and brief description of business:

Online Medsource, Inc

We are a small, local, Electronic Health Records Company. We take physicians’ offices from a paper environment to a paperless environment. We have been operational since 2001 and in medical offices since 2003. Our system is fast, secure, easy to use, and fully customized for each practice’s needs.

2. Project Description:

To design a statistical model that can be used for projections, as well as our daily operations. It should include financial considerations and be fully scalable.

3. Required experience and/or knowledge:

Knowledge of Statistics. Knowledge of basic algorithms. Very basic knowledge of technology and an understanding of Software as a Service. (SaaS)

4. Type of supervision provided to the student intern:

We plan to allocate time specifically to work with and guide the students on every visit to our offices. We have two full time and some part time supervisors available during our regular business hours of 8-5 M-F. If they need assistance during the evenings or weekends, that can be accommodated as well.

5. Expected results from the student intern:

By the end of the semester they will have created a fully scalable working model to assist with business projections and business functions in assisting with our daily operations.

6. Company required meetings:

Meet 2 to 3 times in the beginning to cover and learn the basic information necessary to complete the project. Meet once or twice a week thereafter, dependent on the students needs, with a special meeting near the middle of the semester to ensure that everyone is on track for the completion date. We do not anticipate more than 5 hrs/week worth of work will be required to complete the project.

7. Milestone dates for the student project (from start date of project):

Week 1- Learn about OMS, our software, our clientele and details of project goals

Week 5- Have basic outline/skeleton of model completed.

Week 9- Have finished scalable model/projection completed.