OU Math T-shirt on the road

Just to let you know, the OU math T-shirt has become a national phenomenon!  We received a request from Memphis, TN for a T-shirt!  And if you look at the picture below, you can bet that’s not in Oklahoma!

If you’re interested in getting a T-shirt, either stop by the math office in PHSC, or if you are out of town you can email Jon Kujawa and he’ll mail you your T-shirts.


Update: It turns out we were nearsighted in only thinking about the US.  Here’s a photo from the Bedlewo Palace in Poland!



3 thoughts on “OU Math T-shirt on the road

  1. Hahaha. I had no idea that our t-shirt would go so far. All we needed was a few professors and a few students to take some initiative to get the job done. And to think, we haven’t had an OU math t-shirt in how many years? I’m pleased with it’s success!

  2. Regina,

    Agreed! I’m sure Dr. Kornelson would agree that the real initiative came from the students. Although you should ask her about the headaches involved in getting a tax ID number!

  3. I wonder where else those t-shirts will pop up? Anyone else got a t-shirt sighting???

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