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Have you ever wanted a T-shirt which was potentially infinitely creative and definitely not the latest thing that everyone on campus would be wearing?  We saw a poster this week which is the answer to your fashion prayers!  Go to Fractal Fripperies and you can make your own fractal T-shirt!

This is supposedly Ethelred the snail sporting a Fractal Fripperies T-shirt

This is supposedly Ethelred the snail sporting a Fractal Fripperies T-shirt


10 thoughts on “Math Fashion

  1. Speaking of mathematical fashion, are OU Math shirts available? Graduating this semester, and still I do not own one.

  2. This is really entertaining. I have a few math shirts that I like to wear. I am also going to be teaching math next year so I might make my own fractal shirt to wear when I teach them.

    I also like how it isn’t a single design of a fractal. Rather you can pick the shape and color to have your own unique design 🙂

  3. Jenny and Steve,

    Agreed, OU could definitely use a cool math T-shirt. It’s one of those things that really depend on the students getting together and coming up with a design. No doubt if people decide on one they wanted to get, then it could be arranged. In the meanwhile, the grad students have a T-shirt and I’m sure if you asked them or the the office staff, then they could hook you up with one of theirs.

  4. As for OU math T shirts, it would be fun to have a competition for a design. I’ll bring it up at the next math club I go to.

  5. Ah! Well this explains why I do not have an OU Math shirt. They do not exist.

    Now if I could only get my hands on an OU Math pen that only writes the right answers, I’d be all set. But, I guess that would make it hard to right out a proof by contradiction, no?

    • Trey,

      If enough people are interested, then a OU math T-shirt can surely be done. If a couple of students are willing to get things moving, they should talk to Dr. Kornelson, Dr. Kujawa, or Dr. Cross and I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

  6. Math shirts are great. I can’t think of a better conversation starter than a fractal math t-shirt! And as far as a Math Club T-shirt, I’d buy one for sure!

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