Game On!

pie_palooza_logo2The March Problem of the Month (POM) is now up.  You have until

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 at 5pm

to turn in your solution to the OU math department office on the fourth floor of PHSC.  The rules are the same:  all can try the problem and submit solutions, but only OU undergrads are eligible for a prize.  As with the last problem there is room for partial credit, and the ultimate winner will be the person or group (3 or fewer people) with the most complete answer.   You can find the problem posted next to the elevators on the second floor of PHSC or you can download it here.

P.S.  We had quite a few solutions submitted to the February POM.  It will take awhile to carefully read through them all.  A winner will be announce as soon as possible!


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