Math, Love, and xkcd

xkcdlogoOn of our favorite comics is xkcd.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a few comics on Love math geek style:


Want to know if youre friends or more-than-friends?  Do the statistics!

But is the derivative positive or negative?

P.S.  Some of the comics at xkcd wouldn’t be suitable for all audiences so don’t send your Aunt Mildred to their website!


6 thoughts on “Math, Love, and xkcd

  1. I saw the bottom-most picture on a t-shirt the other day.

    I haven’t been to a math club meeting since last semester as I have a conflicting class, but we should really get on Math Club t-shirts!

  2. Me and my roommates tried to find a bunch of playpen balls on the internet (for a spare bed room, think, it would be awesome at a party). You should look it up. They’re actually very expensive. We could not afford to by them.

    Our solution, we should try and rob McDonalds.

  3. You have to appreciate some good, nerdy humor sometimes. It’s good to see Randall Munroe getting the credit he deserves for such a great webcomic.

  4. I really like the second one. I’m in a stats class now, and we just did outliers and box graphs. Also, the first one is really cute. I wish I had a living room full of playpen balls!

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