Kimball Martin (He is somewhat less blurry in person)

Kimball Martin (He is somewhat less blurry in person)

Kimball Martin, a faculty member here at OU who does abstract algebra and number theory,  will be speaking to the Math Club this

Wednesday, February 4 at 5pm in PHSC 1105.

He has provided us with the enigmatic title and abstract given below:

Abstract:  In this talk I will discuss ridiculous titles, the Renaissance Man, a Mystery ended by a short mother and a change of Latin art.

But it’s bound to be an entertaining talk and, as always, there will be Free Pizza!

If you would like the flyer, it can be downloaded here.

Also, it should be noted that Kimball Martin is the offical archivist of the unoffical archive of Exceptional MathReviews. (MathReviews is a collection of short summaries/reviews of nearly every math paper which is published.)  Sometimes the reviewers feel the need to be poetic, funny, strange, whiny, or otherwise exceptional, and their reviews end up here.

Also note that Kimball Martin is not the same person as Martin Kimball:

Martin Kimball

Martin Kimball