What the HeX is LaTeX?

Have you ever wondered how the equations and symbols you see in math textbooks, articles, and exams are produced?  \LaTeX (usually pronounced ending with a ‘k’ sound rather than a ‘ks’ sound) is a typesetting program which allows for extremely precise and well-formatted documents which may contain a variety of non-alphanumeric symbols.  It is used by mathematicians, scientists, engineers, economists, philosophers, and anybody else who uses specialized symbols and formats in their work.

Here are some examples:

e^{i\pi}=-1   is produced with the code $e^{i\pi}=-1$

\displaystyle \sum_{k=0}^{\infty} \frac{1}{2^k} = 2 is produced by $\sum_{k=0}^{\infty} \frac{1}{2^k} = 2$

Before \LaTeX, mathematicians had to hand-write symbols, and manually shift their typewriters to insert subscripts and superscripts.

Using \LaTeX is a skill every mathematician needs.  Here’s your chance to get started!  If you are a math major, or are thinking of becoming a math major, you are invited to come to a special session of the graduate student seminar (a.k.a. the Pizza Seminar) which will give an introduction to \LaTeX  typesetting.  The seminar is Monday, December 8 in PHSC 1105 at 5:00 p.m. and, as the nickname implies, free pizza will be provided.


3 thoughts on “What the HeX is LaTeX?

  1. I love Latex and I use it for my programming assignments, but the one thing I think is so unprecise is placing images. They always appear to randomly popup somewhere.

    Any tips/info on that?

    (ps. I’m not one of your students, I was just browsing, I’m a CS student from the Netherlands)

  2. Hi royalexander –
    Welcome! I don’t make any claims to expertise, but I do know there are placement options for figures:

    \begin{figure}[placement option]

    where the placement options are combinations of the letters hbtp, h=here, t=top of page, b=bottom of page, p=its own page. I just read somewhere else that the default is tbp in article and report styles. I generally put in htbp, so it will try to keep the figure in place.

    Anyone else have any tips?

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