We’re Number 91!

91twillbig2Henry Neeman, the Director of the Supercomputer Center, sent out the following email:

OSCER users,

I’m delighted to report that OU’s new cluster supercomputer,
Sooner, is ranked:

* #91 worldwide among all supercomputers;

* #14 among all supercomputers at US academic institutions;

* #10 among supercomputers at US academic institutions other than
national supercomputing centers — the important number (8-).


Congratulations to all of us!

People who’ve earned our gratitude include (but aren’t limited to):

* OSCER’s amazing operations team — Brandon, Dave, Brett and Josh
— who went so far above and beyond;

* the OU IT cabling team;

* the OU IT facilities team, especially Fred and Stan;

* the OU external relations team, especially Matt S and David G;

* OU Purchasing;

* our vendors, especially the teams at Dell, QLogic, Panasas,
Platform, Force10 and Platform;

* the Intel benchmarking crew, especially Andrey and Sergei, for
staying up with us late into the night many nights in a row to
help with this;

* everyone within OU IT who worked so hard to make this happen;

* OU’s Board of Regents;

* Loretta, for facilitating at every step.

And, last but definitely not least, heartfelt thanks to our boss,
Dennis, for seeing the possibilities and making them come true.

I should add that, looking through the Top 500 list, it seems
that only 24 US universities (other than big national centers)
are even on the list:

U New Mexico, SUNY Stony Brook, RPI, Clemson, U Southern Cal,
LONI/LSU, Harvard, Arizona State, U North Carolina, OU, Purdue,
U Alaska, Columbia, Caltech, Indiana, U Nebraska/PKI,
U Minnesota, Ohio Supercomputer Center, Virginia Tech,
Colorado School of Mines, Texas Tech, Stanford, U Arizona,
U Kentucky

And here are the universities associated with the big national

U Texas Austin, U Tennessee, U Illinois, CMU/U Pitt, UCSD

A nice data point: on the new (Nov 2008) Top 500 list, we’re
ranked better than two of the major national centers: Pittsburgh
Supercomputing Center and San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Of course, PSC will beat us shortly when they debut their new
Track2C machine (~$30M hardware); I’m not sure what SDSC has up
their sleeve.

Oh, and we’re also #2 in the Big 12, after U Texas (national