Grad Student Panel


Update:  There will be grad students from mathematics, meteorology, and the business school.  And even if you’re thinking about a different area, you can bet they’ll still have lots of good advice!

Have you thought about going to grad school in math or another field?

You probably have lots of questions about applying, getting accepted, how much it costs, how much you can get paid (many grad students get everything paid for plus have enough to live on!), what grad classes are like, what doing research is like, what kind of jobs you can get with a graduate degree, etc., etc.

The Math Club will be hosting a panel of grad students next Wednesday, November 19th in PHSC 1105 at 5pm. The panel will be grad students from the OU math department and from other OU departments and they’ll be there to hang out and talk with people about grad school. If you have questions, then can give you the real answer!

As always, everyone is welcome and there’ll be free pizza

P.S. Once the schedule is finalized, we’ll post which other departments will be coming.

P.P.S. The comics posted above and below are from Piled Higher & Deeper, a great comic about grad students.

P.P.P.S.  The flyer for this week’s Math Club is now available for download.phdenglish