Tomorrow Is Election Day!


If you’re registered to vote, then don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

If you have time, then you can go to the Cleveland County Election Board today and vote early.  If you don’t remember if you’ve registered to vote, or where to vote, then you can find out both by going here.

If you haven’t registered to vote or are registered but don’t vote (and are a US citizen), then no griping for the next four years when your taxes go up/down, your tuition goes up/down, your student loan rates go up/down, and all those other things you care about get better/worse!

If you’re interested in learning about voting and some of the different voting methods you can use to choose a candidate, then I suggest you take a look at the Mathematical Association of America’s website on Math and Voting here.  In particular, they let you vote using different voting methods and you can see how it really makes a difference!

Or, if you just want to rock out to a faux Schoolhouse Rock song about voting, then check this out: