Mathematics of Elections: Polling, II

Polling is everywhere these days!

On Saturday Sarah Palin was on Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey pretended to be Sarah Palin at a press conference.  During that skit Tina Fey had this to say about polls:

“I don’t worry about the polls. Polls are just a fancy way of systematically predicting what’s going to happen.”

You can see the rest of the SNL skit here.


This morning on the radio program Morning Edition on NPR they had a discussion of how challenging it is for polling companies to accurately predict an election.  For example, in some states Barack Obama is getting a lot of support from college students.  But historically most college students don’t end up voting.  How in the world do you figure that into your polls?

You can hear the Morning Edition story here.


3 thoughts on “Mathematics of Elections: Polling, II

  1. love yr header – what is it? i can see it looks very mathamatical!
    my photography and post production is ultimately numbers!
    ie the colours
    i found you on the tag for polling? polldaddy?
    have just been playing to see what the poll thing for our blogs are like and how they work
    i thought i’d find a poll here but nay
    you could have a poll that asks a mathamatical connundrum! and you give the possible anwers
    you might be able to solve unsolvable formulas!
    cape town

  2. Not having had classes in statistics, are there any recommended crash courses or primers on this subject via the net or an accessible text?

  3. Steve,

    Try the link below. It has some good introductory information.

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