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Bucky the Badger

Bucky the Badger

The Engineering Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is offering to pay all the expenses for those interested in visiting their 3-day recruitment conference. The short version is that it is Oct. 30 – Nov 1., you go and hear about what all is going on in their graduate program and see if it sounds interesting.  Almost all expenses are paid and it’s a great chance if you’re thinking about graduate school in engineering. Even if you don’t want to go to UW, it’ll be a great opportunity to learn about what grad school in Engineering is like.

The details are below:

Dear Colleague:

We are asking for your assistance in identifying students at your
institution who may have an interest in pursuing graduate degrees in
engineering at the University of Wisconsin.  The conference recruits
students with majors in engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics,
and computer science.  Please share with your students the following

Each year the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin
Madison hosts a three-day graduate recruitment event known as *The
Opportunities in Engineering Conference, *scheduled for October 30
through November 1, 2008.*  *The conference gives selected students an
opportunity to hear faculty research presentations, tour laboratories,
meet with current graduate students and individually with faculty in the

students area of interest, and tour the city of Madison as well as the
UW campus.  _All expenses including travel, housing, and food are paid
in full by the College of Engineering (with the exception of food for
Saturday and Sunday)_.  We are particularly interested in identifying
underrepresented candidates including women and students of color.  All
applicants should be in their Junior or Senior year.  Application
deadline is *September 26, 2008.

*Students are encouraged to apply on-line at: For more information on
opportunities available at the University of Wisconsin, please refer
students to the College of Engineering website at: .


Kelly Burton
Opportunities in Engineering Conference Coordinator
University of Wisconsin Madison


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  1. I attended MathFest this summer in Madison and it is an awesome town!!! Really exciting with lots of stuff to do and see. And the campus is great!! Check out the cheese curds!!

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